Parental Control

Parental controls vary per family. Some mothers and fathers are very strict about the content their kids are subjected to. Other parents want their kids to experience all that life has to offer, without inhibiting their growth. No matter what their parenting styles are though, no one wants their kids subjected to anything inappropriate.




Parents of teenagers might be concerned with what’s happening on their kids’ social media accounts. If you want to limit your children’s online time, or simply warm when they are on the verge of breaking your rules, a parental control utility on laptops, tablets, and phones can be of assistance.


Be mindful that these kinds of apps aren’t a replacement for an old-fashioned discussion. If you would prefer that your children stay away from certain websites, talk to them about it. Take a moment to tell teens that you are respectful of their privacy, but also let them know that their online behavior will be monitored for their own protection. Also keep in mind that kids today are generally one step ahead of adults with regards to accessing things off-limits to them.


Basics of Parental Control

Many parental control utilities consist of content filtering—the option to restrict access to sites that contain adult content, like violence, porn, and hate speech. This kind of filtering truly works if used on an independent browser, and total coverage warrants the use of secure filtering (HTTPS) traffic. Without HTTPS filtering, teens can overwrite the system with a secure anonymizing proxy site, such as AVG’s HideMyAss or MegaProxy.


Scheduling access is another useful feature. Several apps allow parents to impose a weekly timetable for their children’s online access. A weekly or daily limit on Internet use can also be achieved with this feature.



One upon a time, one parental control utility on the individual family computer was enough. Today’s children use all types of online devices, and as such, modern parental control systems have no choice but to adapt.


Prior to deciding on a specific utility for parental control, you’ll need to ensure that it accommodates all of the devices within your household. All of the software above supports iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems. Be sure that any restrictions on the number of devices or profiles won’t be an issue.


If the installation of parental control coverage on your devices is troublesome, think about using a whole-network system, which can filter content from the router, affecting every device on its network. You won’t get the same level of detailed monitoring and control that you get on device-specific apps, but placing restrictions on all devices at once is a real time saver.