Built-in OS Features

The parental controls for both Mac and Windows are built into every operating system’s native preferences, offering a convenient way to limit which websites and instant messaging platforms are accessible, as well as have the option to track email correspondences and see detailed logs.



You’ll need to register for a Family Safety Account on Windows 10 operating systems. Once you do, you can provide your kids with restricted-use accounts for your children.


This method might be somewhat complex, but it has several advantages. You’ll obtain reports for all of the online activity happening on those accounts, and have the option to block any games, apps, or websites. You can set time limits on accounts, and control what can be purchased online (and how much can be spent). Additionally, there are several real-world safety features that allow you to monitor your children’s locations, assuming you are using Windows smart-phones or tablets.


Mac OS X has more parental control features. All of them can be accessed from the Parental Controls panel within the System Preferences. The settings offer ways to block certain apps and websites. You can also block instant messaging with specific people you think are sketchy or unknown. Parental controls must be individually set per user, but once they are established, time limits can also be set per person.


There are more features, including the option to censor profanity within content. Users can also stop the computer’s disc-burning tools and built-in camera from being accessed. Should multiple Macs be active on a network, users can manage parental controls remotely from their own devices or computers.