Desktop Programs

Mac OS X and Windows have a large variety of parental control programs. Consider using one of these extra protection programs to benefit your online objectives.




K9 Web Protection is fast, doesn’t take a lot of space, and offers cloud-based filtering. It addition to providing activity reports, it also blocks websites based on 70 unique categories that include porn, drugs, violence, and gambling. K9 organizes malicious sites and adult content in real time, so the user doesn’t have to worry about the latest threats.


With K9, you can develop customized lists that allow or block specified websites permanently, or you can set limits for online access. Many of the settings you input may be overridden by your parental password when required. Further, it functions on all MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android operating systems. The best part is that the software is free.


Qustodio’s interface is simple to navigate, and it only takes minutes to register for the free version. You control all settings directly from the control panel, including placing individual time limits for games, apps, and Internet use; social media monitoring, and the option to monitor phone calls and text messages on devices. The Internet filter operates in real time, allowing you to block porn and other adult content, even if the browser is in private browsing mode.


Qustodio can also be installed on the Nook and Kindle, as well as MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. That said, is a paid program, so you’ll need to spend money to block games and track someone’s location, among other features. The free version can be used on a single device.


OpenDNS purchased and enhanced FamilyShield with the intention of producing a powerful and free parental control utility that centered on the practical lives of children. FamilyShield is very easy to install and offers many different features, such as protection for online gaming consoles, automatic fraud blocking, and blocking of proxy servers that can be used as workarounds to bypass parental controls. The service is updated regularly, so newer adult-oriented websites are blocked as they develop. You will have to adjust your router to be compatible with OpenDNS, which requires some basic technical knowledge.