Browsers, Extensions & Add-ons

Since the Internet is where kids spend most of their time when using a computer, it’s practical to integrate an extension, add-on, or perhaps outright use a dedicated browser that features a monitoring and filtering system. They don’t take up a lot of space, are easy to install, and offer substantial protection for kids and teens. Mind you, older teenagers may be able to find ways around such barriers.



FoxFilter was developed to offer users a way to block websites with adult content while providing the ability to add trusted sites to an exempted list. Further, the add-on’s sensitivity preferences can be modified to scan URLs, titles, and entire bodies of content. Users can also adjust alert and notification settings when blocked content or sites are attempted to be accessed.


This managing preference is ideal for blocking a variety of sites based on your personal objectives, however, it might prove troublesome for users not so web-savvy. By entering incorrect keywords, or perhaps too many of them, you might discover just about every website unintentionally blocked! In such a circumstance, FoxFilter provides email support for free.


The older kids get, the less of a priority such worries become. Management of time then becomes a larger concern, particularly for teens who interact socially both in person and on social media. LeechBlock and Nanny are browser extensions that provide productivity control.


The extensions block specific websites at predetermined points in the day to promote productivity and prevent distraction. For example, you can block many social networks between noon and 6 p.m. The pair of add-ons also allows you to determine how much time to allocate for your children to spend on particular websites each day, instead of completely blocking them. The extensions may even help you with your own productivity, considering how simple it is to succumb to distractions every once in a while.